Our company has been successfully operating a modern factory for the production of sandwich panels and trapezoidal metal sheets since 2002. This factory is one of the most modern in the region, with the latest technology for the production of sandwich panels with EPS filling.

However, we did not stop there. At the beginning of 2008, based on market research and requirements, we decided to further modernize the technology of sandwich panel production. Today, the most modern line, according to the latest technology for the production of sandwich panels, is installed in our production plant in Veliki Crljeni.

Quality and durability

Sandwich panel panels with mineral wool and EPS filling, from the DEX2 product range, are made to order for customers throughout Serbia and other countries. Good organization, quality logistics support and responsible approach to business have made Devix a synonym for successful business over the years. With professional human resources and technical and technological capabilities, today we have the opportunity to meet all market demands in terms of quality and delivery times.

Thanks to the modern line, the proven quality of input raw materials and the professional team behind every contracted job, the number of satisfied customers is increasing day by day. The facilities built from our materials are a confirmation that we are able to meet European standards and provide top quality.



DEX2 sandwich panels (with mineral wool or EPS core)

Our sandwich panels are known by top technical characteristics and ease of installation. They are produced with two types of fillings: with a core of mineral wool and a core of EPS (Expanded self-extinguishing PolyStyrene – styrofoam). Thanks to excellent thermal insulation characteristics, our panels meet all modern requirements in the construction of buildings.

Advantages of the DEX2 sandwich panels:

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Great energy savings when heating the building in winter and cooling the building in summer
  • High resistance to external mechanical and chemical influences
  • Quality bond and thermal insulation provide excellent protection against condensation
  • Possibility of horizontal and vertical installation
  • Color and dimensions according to the customer’s request
  • A wide range of attractive profiles for facades.

Application of sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are a modern, aesthetic and economical solution for the construction of walls and roofs of buildings such as:

  • Business facilities
  • Shopping centers
  • Sports halls
  • Gas stations
  • Freezing plants
  • Industrial halls
  • Warehouses
  • Dryers
  • Food industry facilities, etc.

Roof facade profiled metal sheet

Trapezoidal profiled metal sheet is an excellent choice for covering buildings, and it is especially suitable for covering industrial halls, where it is most often used. Also, it is used for covering roofs, paneling interior dividing walls and exterior walls of various buildings. Exceptional endurance under heavy load is the main characteristic of trapezoidal profiled metal sheet.

The profiles are made of galvanized steel, plasticized steel and aluminum sheet.
Boards are made in lengths according to the customer’s request, with short delivery times.


Design guides, installation instructions, as well as general information about the sandwich panels and their technical characteristics can be found in our catalog:

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