Devix company has started its successful business in the field of road transport of goods in 1972. Over time, adapting the business to the needs of the market, the company has expanded the range of activities, and thanks to constant investments in equipment and technology it has become a symbol of good business, quality and efficiency in the areas in which it operates. Modern vehicle fleet (rolling stock), modern construction machinery and civil engineering are the mainstays of Devix company. The reputation built in recent decades is based on a rich reference list, quality of products and services, as well as meeting deadlines and contractual obligations to business partners.

Our company has been successfully operating a factory for the production of sandwich panels and trapezoidal metal sheets since 2002. The mentioned factory was at that time one of the most modern in the region, with high tech technology for the production of sandwich panels with EPS filling. Thanks to modern technology, proven quality of input raw materials and a professional team behind every contracted job, the number of satisfied customers has been growing day by day, and facilities built from our materials are a confirmation of top quality.

However, we did not stop there. Taking into account the ambitious plans and the constant desire for progress, in early 2008, based on research and market demands, we decided to further modernize the technology of sandwich panel production. Today, the most modern line, according to the latest technology for the production of sandwich panels, is installed in our production plant in Veliki Crljeni, and sandwich panels filled with mineral wool and EPS are made to order for customers throughout Serbia and other countries.

In late 2020, Devix expanded its business by investing in a new form of production. Under the commercial name “Devix Energy”, started the production and distribution of coal briquettes, which are used as an energy source both in industry and in the household.

The mentioned briquettes are produced in the production plant in Veliki Crljeni from raw lignite coal from Kolubara mine, with the addition of hydrated lime and binder of BIO origin, and then the final product is created in special presses, ie coal briquettes of identical shape and weight.

In order to operate successfully and survive in the conditions of intensified competition and strict requirements of the modern market, top professionalism, staff training and immeasurable work are necessary.

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